Disc Repair

Games not working? Blu-Ray, DVD's or CD's not playing?

So one or more of your discs won't play because there are Scratches on the shiny surface - what do you do?


Rather than discard it, replace it, or keep it at the back of the cupboard in the vague hope it might once play again, simply have it repaired - most scratch damage can be completely removed.


We have invested in  the latest "state of the art" disc repairing technology.


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The very latest disc repair technology 

The Problem

Scratch damage can cause playability issues on all types of optical disc including games, movies, music and data.


These scratches divert the path of the laser, preventing it from reading the data stored on the disc.


The good news is that this damage can almost always be repaired and discs can play like new again.



The Solution

Our machine operates by gently polishing the underside of the disc, removing a thin layer to reveal a new smooth surface underneath where the scratches were. 


The end result is a disc with a mirror finish that looks and plays like new again (the material removal does not affect the data.)


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